If you haven't played Plunder Pirates, this is what you are missing out on!

Plunder Pirates is an epic, online multiplayer strategy game where you can build a fearsome island base, explore uncharted waters full of monsters and treasure, recruit a crew of vicious pirates, and attack rival players online. Take to the high seas as a cut-throat buccaneer and become the most notorious pirate the world has ever known! Enjoy cutting-edge visuals using Midoki's inhouse game engine.


Keeping our users up to speed is how we roll around these here parts! Plunder Pirates official FB page announced a contest today that will run for the next week. Here is your opportunity to plunder some of your moms fine china and have a good excuse. Just hand her some fresh plunderwear once you win, she'll need it.

It's time to get #PLUNDERED! - Join the competition for a chance to win FREE GEMS, FRESH PLUNDERWEAR and even a super special SIGNED POSTER. All you have to do to enter is plu...
I have been killing myself trying to bring you new features. Slaving, laboring, contemplating and eventually completing new cool code to bring you closer to your fellow geeky friends. Why do I do this? Why do I put forth so much effort? For that twinkle in your eye my friend, that twinkle.

Tactics, HUZZAH!

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I am sure you couldn't resist clicking on the orange tab. I know you did. You had to do it! It's freakin ORANGE! If you were one of the few that hasn't indulged in t...
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